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For media agencies that partner with radio stations, each day high volumes of mp3 clips of D.J. endorsements (airchecks) are sent for review and approval, or need to be redone.

When I first joined TMPG, (a media agency in White Plains, NY with over 2000 radio stations as partners), I saw first-hand how laborious, time-consuming and prone to error the aircheck management process was. The Media Coordinator Team received hundreds of airchecks each day to their individual email inboxes to review, classify and forward to the Accounts Team. After review, Accounts returned them with a status, then Media would reply back to the stations for each aircheck. Sometimes an aircheck would need redoing up to 4 times before Account's approval.

Here is an overview of the solution; an aircheck management application I designed, developed, coded, produced and upgraded. Resulted in much greater efficiency in mp3 aircheck management across all parties

Feature overview:

  • Review pre-recorded DJ endorsements for clients before broadcasting
  • Efficiently coordinate 1000's of mp3 files with comments
  • Media partners have personalized dashboards to review mp3 and our feedback
  • Media partners can upload mp3's directly (no need to email to coordinators)
  • Comprehensive reporting and Excel exports for instant status updtes
Mp3-Aircheck Management Application (preview 1m 35s)

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