"Journals, journals, everywhere, and all the words did shrink". Nod to Coleridge & the sublime.

I probably have thousands of pics from over 20+ years of rendering. Can't sort them right now, so just going to post a couple. Enjoy!

Selection from J4 and J12:

"More journal images please!" - As promted by my wonderful friend. The below are for you, Paul Kouri!

Hey Higgins, where's Apollo & Zeus? = "Right behind you, you'd better run".
Anatomy / Geology = same inquiry. Different mediums and timespan, but it's all stratigraphy.
Understanding Quantum Physics is more difficult than I originally thought.
Old dialogic journals

Old dialogic journals x 2

Old dialogic journals x 3 -stop!!!

Meat experiment for another heartwork
I engraved this with a Dremel and 3 different diamond encrusted bits.
I carved this from a branch of oak that fell in the park by our home :)