Master of Art and Design Thesis

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


This project is concerned with visual representation of human gross anatomy. The subject is complex because it derives from an intersection of artistic and scientific disciplines and is an active field of research.
The overall aim of the project is to open up new ways of interpretation when engaging with complex visual representations of anatomy, read more

Reflections on thesis:

This thesis was the culmination of two years of intensive study and art practice and charts the development of anatomic representation from the Renaissance period begining in the 1500's to the present and its effect on modernity.

Along the way, I discovered that a lot of artistic genres and contemporary printing techniques could attribute their genesis to the development of anatomic rendering methods and production of anatomic atlases.

Furthemore, my own art practice became much more disciplined, focussed and its complexity greatly increased with the incorporation of layered interactive elements designed to explicate anatomic structures. I consider this the definitive point at which my practice began its path into 'STEAM'-like work, especially as programmable microprocessors began to be integrated within it.